X. Y. Z.

X. Y. Z. was a bay colt, bred by Ralph Riddle, Esq., in 1808, and was got by Haphazard, out of a mare by Spadille (son of Highflyer), out of Sylvia, by Young Marske, out of Ferret, by Brother to Silvio (son of Old Cade), out of a dau. of Regulus, her dam, by Lord Morton's Arabian, out of a mare by Lord Chedworth's Mixbury, by Mr. Hutton's Bay Barb (sometimes styled the Mulso Bay Turk), out of a mare by Bay Bolton, her dam, by Coneyskins, out of a mare by Hutton's Grey Barb (a present from King William the Third to Mr. John Hutton, of Marsk, near Richmond, in 1700), out of a dau. of the Byerley Turk.

X. Y. Z.'s Performances


At Catterick, in a produce sweep of 25 sovs. each, X. Y. Z. bolted and was distanced. At Newcastle, for three years old, 8st 4lbs each, ran second in sweep of 25 gs. each, won by Mr. C. Wilson's ch. c. Camerton, by Hambletonian, beating two others. S. mg., 6st 6lbs, four miles, won the Cup of 140 gs., beating Sir Harry Vane Tempest's b. c. The Engraver, by Shuttle, and two others. At Doncaster, not placed in the Great St. Leger of 1500 gs., won by Mr. R. O. Gascoigne's ch. c. Soothsayer, by Sorcerer (Benjamin Smith). Soothsayer was sold after the race to Lord Foley. At Richmond, ran sixth, and last for the Cup, won by Amadis-de-Gaul, beating Mr. Jaque's br. c. Merryfield, by Cockfighter.


At Newcastle, 8st 7lbs each, won 75gs., beating Merryfield; also, 7st 7lbs (B. Smith), won the Cup of 130 gs., beating Lord Strathmore's br. c. Benedict, three years, 6st, and Mr. Brandling's b. c. Geranium, by Hyacinthus, three years, 6st, last. At Doncaster, 8st 9lbs, ran second in the Fitzwilliam Stakes, won by Mr. Glover's ch. c. Slender Billy, by Young Woodpecker, four years, 8st 9lbs, Amadis-de-Gaul (now Lord Darlington's), four years, 8st 9lbs, being third; eleven ran. S. mg., 8st 5lbs, match for 300 gs., received half-forfeit from Mr. Hipkins' ch. c. Cannons, by Yellow Blossom (son of Waxy); also 7st 7lbs, four miles, ran third for the Cup, won by Slender Billy, 7st 7lbs, beating Mr. W. N. Hewitt's b. f. Cwm, by Dick Andrews, three years, 6st, and five others. At Richmond, 8st, four miles, won the Cup, beating Mr. Duncombe's b. f. Phantom, by Hambletonian, four years, 7st 12lbs, b. f. Cwm, 6st 8lbs, Merryfield, 8st, and three others.


At Catterick, 8st 10lbs, in a sweep of 140 gs., was beaten by Sir William Maxwell's gr. c. Viscount, by Stamford, three years, 8st. At Durham, 8st 10lbs, ran second for the Cup, won by Viscount, 8st, beating four others. S. mg., 9st 1lb, won £70. At Newcastle, 8st, won the Member's Plate, beating Mr. Lambton's br. c. Macaroni, by Stamford, and two others; also, 8st 7lbs, four miles (B. Smith), won the Cup of 160 gs., beating Mr. Fletcher's b. c. Sligo, by Shuttle, four years, 7st 11 lbs, Mr. Don's ch. f. Agnes Sorel, by Stamford, 7st 11lbs, and Sir M. Ridley's b. c. Epicure, by Sancho, 6st 4lbs. At Ormskirk, 8st 10lbs, won the Cup, beating Mr. Shaw's br. c. Don Julian, by Stamford, four years, 8st. At Pontefract, 8st 9lbs, was beaten for the Cup, by Viscount, 8st. At Richmond, 8st 7lbs, four miles, won the Cup, beating the Duke of Leeds' ch. c. Hocuspocus, by Sorcerer, three years, 6st 10lbs, Earl Fitzwilliam's br. c. Algernon, by Orville, four years, 8st, and two others. S. mg., 8st 7lbs, won 110 gs., beating Algernon, Cwm, and two others, in both heats (three miles).


At Newcastle, 9st, in the Northumberland Stakes, ran a dead heat with Lord Scarborough's b. h. Catton, by Golumpus, five years, 8st 10lbs, stakes divided. S. mg., 8st 10lbs, won the Cup, beating Mr. Dawson's b. c. Biddick, by Dick Andrews, three years, 6st 4lbs, and a b. c. by Cardinal York. At Lamberton (N. B.), w. o. for the Cup. At Pontefract, 9st 1lb, ran second for the Cup, won by Mr. R. Watt's b. c. Tramp, by Dick Andrews, four years, 8st, in a canter, by eight lengths, beating Sir M. Syke's gr. m. Marciana, by Stamford, five years, 8st 6lbs, third and last. At Richmond, 8st 10lbs (B. Smith), won the Cup, four miles, beating Biddick, 6st 10lbs, second, Mr. Scarisbrick's br. c. Crown Prince, by Warrior (son of Sir Peter), three years, 6st 10lbs, third, the Duke of Leeds' ch. c. Hocuspocus, by Sorcerer, four years, 8st, fourth, and Sir Bellingham Graham's br. c. Tempest, by Hambletonian, three years, 6st 10lbs, fifth and last. S. mg., 8st 9lbs (B. Smith), heats three miles, ran second in a sweep of 10 gs. each (with £50 added), won by br. c. Doctor Syntax (also Mr. Riddell's), three years, 7st 4lbs, winning both heats, and beating also Biddick, 7st 4lbs, third, and Crown Prince, 7st 4lbs, last.


At Newcastle, 8st 10lbs, broke down in running for the Cup, won by Biddick (sold just before the race to Mr. Lambton), four years, 7st 1lb; high odds on X. Y. Z.; only two ran.

[Taunton, Thomas Henry: “Portraits Of Celebrated Racehorses Of The Past And Present Centuries”, 1887]