Whalebone was a bay colt, bred by the Duke of Grafton, in 1807. He was got by Waxy, out of Penelope, by Trumpator, out of Prunella, by Highflyer, out of Promise, by Old Snap, out of Julia (bred by Thomas Panton, Esq., of Newmarket, in 1756), by Blank, out of Spectator's dam, by Old Partner, out of Bonny Lass (bred by Sir W. Ramsden, Bart., in 1723), by Bay Bolton, out of a mare by the Darley Arabian, her dam, by the Byerley Turk, out of a dau. of the Taffolet Barb, her dam, by Place's White Turk, out of a Natural Barb Mare. Trumpator was a black horse, bred by Lord Clermont in 1782. He was got by Conductor (a chestnut horse, and son of Match'em), out of Brunette, by Squirrel (son of Old Traveller), out of Dove, by Matchless (son of the Godolphin Arabian), out of a mare by the Ancaster Starling (son of the Bolton Grey Starling), her dam, by Grasshopper (son of Old Crab), out of a mare by Sir Michael Newton's Arabian.

Whalebone's Performances


At Newmarket (First Spring), colts 8st 7lbs each, Whalebone won the Newmarket Stakes of 1150 gs., beating Mr. Vansittart's gr. c. Treasurer, by Stamford, Lord Grosvenor's b. c. Eccleston, by Cesario, and three others. At Epsom (ridden by W. Clift), won the Derby of 750 gs., beating Lord Kinnaid's ch. c. The Dandy, by Gohanna, second, Eccleston third, and eight others. Whalebone started first favourite. At Newmarket (First October), 7st, match for 200 gs., received 60 gs. (compromise) from Mr. Shakespeare's b. c. Nuncio, by Gohanna, four years, 8st 7lbs. S. mg., w.o. for 375 gs. At Newmarket (Ho.), 8st 7lbs, D. I., match for 200 gs., was beaten by Treasurer, 8st. S. mg., 9st (A. F.), match for 200 gs., beat Major Wheatley's b. c. Sir Marinel, by Sir Peter, 8st 6lbs. Next day, 8st 3lbs, match for 200 gs., beat Mr. Andrew's b. h. Thorn, by Beningbrough, aged, 8st 7lbs; also received 100 gs. forfeit from Mr. Shakespeare's Knave of Clubs, by Sorcerer, and 100 gs. from Lord George Cavendish's br. h. Florival, by Shuttle.


At Newmarket (First Spring), paid 125 gs. forfeit to Mr. Wilson's ch. c. Wizard, by Sorcerer. At Newmarket (Second Spring), received 60 gs. from Mr. Vansittart's b. c. Gloster, by Cheshire Cheese. At Huntingdon, 9st 4lbs, in a sweep of 50 gs. each, was beaten by Lord Grosvenor's b. f. Barrosa, by Vermin, three years, 8st 3lbs. At Newmarket (First October), 8st 9lbs, was beaten in the Trial Stakes by Florival, five years, 9st 2lbs. S. mg., 10st 4lbs, B. C., won the King's Plate, beating Mr. Vansittart's ch. h. Burleigh, by Stamford, six years, 12st, and three others; also received 50 gs. from Major Wilson's bl. c. Erebus, by Young Whiskey. At Newmarket (Ho.), 8st 7lbs, D. I., match for 200 gs., was beaten by Mr. Andrew's b. h. Discount, by Teddy the Grinder, six years, 8st 2lbs. S. mg., 8st 7lbs each, match for 200 gs., received 140 gs. from Mr. Shakespeare's b. h. Tumbler, by Trumpator, six years old.


At Newmarket, Craven, 8st 9lbs, match for 150 gs., was beaten by Major Wilson's b. c. Bolter, by Walton, four years, 8st. At Newmarket (First Spring), 11st, B. C., won the King's Plate, beating Sir F. Standish's br. c. Mr. Teazle, by Sir Peter, 11st, both rising five years; also, in a sweep of 300 gs. each, was beat by Lord Darlington's b. c. Trophonius, by Beningbrough. At Newmarket (July), 8st 8lbs, won £50, beating Lord Rous' ch. c. Flamingo, by Quiz, three years, 6st 9lbs, and two others, and was now sold to Mr. R. Ladbroke. At Northampton, 8st 8lbs, 3½ miles, won the Gold Cup of 170 gs., beating ch. c. Magic, by Sorcerer, 7st 12lbs, and three others. At Newmarket (Ho.), 9st, B. C., match for 200 gs., beat the Duke of York's b. c. Turner, by Lignum Vitae, 5st. S. mg., 8st 4lbs, B. C., match for 200 gs., beat Lord Sackville's ch. h. Pan (winner of the Derby in 1808), by St. George, aged, 8st 9lbs.


At Guildford, 12st, heats four miles, won the King's Plate, beating Captain Vyse's b. h. Bellator, by Cheshire Cheese (son of Sir Peter), five years, 11st 6lbs, Mr. Fate's br. h. Speculator, by Paynator, five years, 11st 6lbs, and two others, winning both heats. At Lewes, 12st, four mile heats, won the King's Plate, beating b. c. Lutzen, by Firelock. S. mg., 8st 9lbs, four miles, won the Ladies' Plate, beating Lord Foley's b. h. Offa's Dyke, by Paynator, six years, 8st 9lbs. Whalebone now retired to the Stud. His forte was more stamina than speed.

“The Druid,” in “Scott and Sebright,” observes that “short legs, high-bred nostrils and very prominent eyes were the principal trade marks of the Waxy stock, and the mottled-brown Whalebone was the smallest among them. The standard could never make him more then fifteen hands and half an inch; and, as he did not seem likely to become fashionable (as a sire), he was sold at seven, for 510 gs. His old Petworth groom, Dryman, says of him that ‘he was the lowest and longest, and most-double jointed horse, with the best legs and worst feet I ever saw in my life.’ The Earl of Egremont tried to train him after he bought him, with Octavius, at Mr. Ladbroke's sale, but he never ran after he came into the Earl's possession. When in training his chief occupation was to rear and knock his hoofs together like a pair of castanettes. His hunters were good, and mostly bays or browns, and Myrrha and Sir Hercules were the last of his racing stock.”

[Taunton, Thomas Henry: “Portraits Of Celebrated Racehorses Of The Past And Present Centuries”, 1887]