Walton, own brother to Ditto, was a bay horse, bred by Sir Hedworth Williamson in 1799, and got by Sir Peter Teazle, out of Arethusa (bred by H. R. H. the Prince of Wales in 1792), by Dungannon, out of a mare by Prophet (son of Regulus), out of Virago (Saltram's dam), by Old Snap, out of a mare by Regulus (son of the Godolphin Arabian), out of a sister to Black and all Black (commonly called Othello), by Mr. Panton's Old Crab, out of Miss Slamerkin, by Young True Blue, her dam, by Lord Oxford's Dun Arabian, out of Lord D'Arcy's Black-legged Royal Mare.

“The Druid,” in “Silk and Scarlet,” says: “Sir John Shelley bought the clever, but cobby-looking Walton, when he was beaten for the Craven Stakes by Aniseed, in the year that Old Eleanor was third. He was awkward to ride, and Buckle said of him that he was ‘always on his head for the first mile.’ His stock had no great character about them; *) but although he had only seven mares in his first season, Phantom, a winner of the Derby, Vandyke Junior, and Rainbow were among his lucky hits; Bay Middleton, Ishmael, and Voltaire were out of Phantom mares; and George IV. was latterly as fond of Walton's son, Waterloo, as he had been in his younger days of the Trumpators and Gohannas. Walton's most distinguished son, Partisan, strained back to Highflyer, through his dam Parasol, by Pot8o's, out of Prunella. Trainers used to say of him that he was the finest actioned horse that ever went over Newmarket; and, after proving the sire of Venison, Mameluke, Gladiator, and Glaucus, he was eventually sold for 165 gs.” Herein “The Druid” appears to have made out a case against himself. Besides those mentioned by “The Druid,” Walton was the sire of Mr. Craven's Tooley, a very successful runner; of Mr. Dundas's Robin Adair, ditto; of Sir J. Shelley's Crecy, ditto; of Mr. Andrew's Nectar, winner of the Riddlesworth, the 2000 Guineas, and 700 gs., all at Newmarket, in the same year; of Sir J. Shelley's b. f. Leopoldine, who, as a three-year-old, won 1000 gs. at Ascot, and 450 gs. at Newmarket; of the Hon. Geo. Watson's Harmodius, winner of the Gascoigne Stakes, at Doncaster, and 710 gs., in the same year; of Mr. Peirse's Wrangler, who won 1000 gs. at York, and 500 gs. at Doncaster, as a three-year-old, and, next year, the Great Subscription Purse at York; of Sir E. Smith's St. Patrick, winner of the Doncaster St. Leger; of Mr. Gascoigne's Elizabeth, winner of two Great Subscription Purses at York, and other good Stakes; of Mr. Payne's Privateer, winner of the Port Stakes and 500 gs. at Newmarket, and 400 sovs. at Ascot, in the same year; and of several other winners, very far above mediocrity.

Image of Walton (1799)

Walton's Performances


At Newmarket, Craven, for colts rising four years old, 8st 3lbs each, A. F., in a sweepstake of 100 gs. each, was beaten by Mr. Sitwell's br. c. Pipylin, by Sir Peter, on whom 5 to 4 was laid; only these two ran. At Newmarket (Second Spring), for three years old, colts 8st 4lbs, fillies 8st, not placed for a Subscription Plate of £50, won by Lord Clermont's bl. c. by Whiskey (afterwards sold to Sir H. Williamson, and named Midnight), beating Lord Milsintown's b. c. Picnic, by Mr. Teazle, second; Sir F. Standish's ch. c. (brother to Eagle), by Volunteer, third; br. c. Pipylin and four others not being placed. At Epsom, June, 7st 7lbs, heats two miles, won 50 sovs., beating Mr. Scrope's b. c. Dotterel, by Buzzard, four years, 8st 10lbs, Mr. Whaley's br. c. Wilkes, by Sir Peter, four years, 8st 10lbs, the Prince of Wales' br. c. Pacificator, by Trumpator (winner of the first heat), four years, 8st 10lbs, and Mr. Durand's ch. c. Morgan Rattler, by Mr. Teazle (son of Sir Peter), three years, 7st 7lbs. No betting.


At Newmarket, Craven, 6st 11lbs, D. I., won the Oatlands (handicap) of 50 gs. each (hf.-forfeit), beating Sir F. Standish's b. c. Duxbury, by Sir Peter, four years, 7st 10lbs, second; and Sir C. Bunbury's b. m. Eleanor (winner of the Derby and Oaks in 1801), by Whiskey, five years, 8st 11lbs; 5 to 4 against Duxbury, 6 to 4 against Eleanor, and 7 to 2 against Walton. At Newmarket (First Spring), 7st 4lbs, D. C. (Duke's Course), won 50 sovs., beating the Hon. G. Watson's b. h. Lignum Vitae, by Walnut, six years, 9st; 11 to 8 on Walton. At York, August, 7st 12lbs, three miles, for four years old, in a handicap sweepstake of 50 gs. each, was beaten, after a dead-heat, by Colonel Mellish's b. c. Stockton (winner, at this meeting, of the Great Subscription Purse, and also of the King's Plate at Doncaster), by Gabriel, 8st 2lbs; three ran: 7 to 4 on Walton, and, after the dead-heat, 5 to 4 on Stockton. At Newmarket (First October), 10st 4lbs, R. C., won the King's Plate, beating Sir C. Bunbury's br. c. Orlando, by Whiskey, four years, 10st 4lbs, second; and Mr. O'Hara's ch. m. Allegranti, by Pegasus, six years, 12st, last; 5 to 4 on Orlando (winner, this year, of 700 gs. at Newmarket) and 2 to 1 against Walton.


At Newmarket, April 2nd, 8st 9lbs, ran second in the Craven Stakes of 10 gs. each, A. F., won by Mr. Howorth's b. m. Aniseed, by Coriander (son of Pot8o's), aged, 9st 5lbs, beating Sir C. Bunbury's b. m. Eleanor (winner, this year, of the Gold Cup and 480 gs. at Newmarket), six years, 9st 1lb, third; also, not placed, b. h. Picnic, five years, 8st 9lbs, b. g. Rebel, by Trumpator, aged, 9st 7lbs, and four others; 5 to 2 against Walton, 7 to 2 against Eleanor, and high odds against Aniseed. Sir H. Williamson now sold Walton to Sir John Shelley. At Newmarket (First Spring), 11st, R. C., won the King's Plate, beating b. h. Duxbury, five years, 11st, second, and Mr. Howorth's ch. c. Slapbang, by Delpini, aged, 12st; 7 to 4 on Walton. At Newmarket (Second Spring), 8st 7lbs, B. C., match for 200 gs. (hf.-forfeit), received 100 gs. from Colonel Mellish's b. c. Little Joey, by Coriander, four years, 7st 11lbs. At Guildford, 11st 6lbs, heats four miles, won the King's Plate, beating Mr. Martin's ch. f. Enchantress (winner of the second heat), by Volunteer, four years, 10st 4lbs, and Mr. Ladbroke's br. c. Rumbo, by Whiskey, five years, 10st 4lbs. Walton the favourite at starting; but, after the second heat, 5 to 2 on Enchantress. Walton won the first and third heats. At Salisbury, 11st 6lbs, heats four miles, won the King's Plate, beating Mr. Richardson's b. h. Little Chance, by Don Quixote; winning both heats. At Winchester, heats four miles, won the King's Plate, and, same day, w. o. for 60 gs. At Warwick, 11st 6lbs, heats four miles, won the King's Plate, beating Sir W. W. Wynn's br. f. by John Bull, in both heats. At Lichfield, 8st 7lbs each, for five years old, heats three miles, won the King's Plate, beating Sir W. W. Wynn's b. h. Ashton, by Beningbrough, Sir C. Bunbury's br. h. Orlando, and one other, winning both heats. At Newmarket (First October), 11st 6lbs, R. C., ran third and last for the King's Plate, won by the Duke of Grafton's b. f. Parasol, by Pot8o's (winner also, this year, of the Oatlands and 700 gs. at Newmarket), four years, 10st 4lbs, beating Mr. Newton's gr. c. Sir Harry Dimsdale, by Sir Peter, four years, 10st 4lbs, second. Parasol the favourite.


At Newmarket, Craven, 8st 6lbs, B. C. (Beacon Course, four miles, one furlong, and 143 yards), match for 200 gs., beat the Duke of Grafton's b. m. Penelope (dam of Whalebone, Wire, Whisker, &c.), by Trumpator, aged, 8st 7lbs; 5 to 4 on Penelope. S. mg., 8st 7lbs each, B. C., match for 300 gs., received 100 gs. from Colonel Mellish's Stockton. At Newmarket (First Spring), 8st 3lbs, R. C. (three miles, four furlongs, and 139 yards), won £50, beating br. h. Pipylin (now Colonel Mellish's), six years, 8st 3lbs, and b. m. Parasol, five years, 7st 9lbs; 6 to 4 on Walton, 7 to 4 against Parasol, and 50 to 1 against Pipylin. S. mg. w. o. for the King's Plate. At Newmarket (Second Spring), 8st 9lbs, B. C., ran second for the Jockey Club Plate, won by Parasol, 8st 3lbs, the Prince of Wales' roan colt, Petruchio, by Stride, four years, 7st 2lbs, being last; 6 to 4 on Walton. At Brighton, 8st 11lbs, four miles, won the Somerset Stakes of 50 gs. each (hf.-forfeit), 16 subscribers (value 500 gs.), beating Houghton Lass (also Sir J. Shelley's), by Sir Peter, four years, 7st 4lbs, second; Mr. Howorth's (late Lord Grosvenor's) br. c. Enterprise, by John Bull, four years, 7st 7lbs, third; the Prince of Wales' br. h. Orville, by Beningbrough, six years, 8st 11lbs, fourth and last. Walton, however, with Houghton Lass and Enterprise, not having run the proper course, and Orville being the only one that did, the Stakes were awarded to Orville, as having fulfilled the conditions of the race. At Lewes, 8st 5lbs, two and a half miles, won the County Plate, beating Colonel Mellish's b. f. Lady Brough, by Stride, (son of Phoenomenon), four years, 7st 3lbs; 4 to 1 on Walton. S. mg., four miles, won the Ladies' Plate of 60 gs., beating Lord Egremont's b. c. Cardinal Beaufort, by Gohanna (winner, this year, of the Derby, the Pavilion Stakes, and 200 gs. at Brighton), three years, 5st 12 lbs, second; Mr. Ladbroke's ch. c. Impostor (afterwards named Sasenagh), by Waxy, three years, 5st 12lbs, third; and Enterprise, four years, 7st 7lbs, last; 5 to 4 on Walton, and 6 to 4 against the Cardinal.† Walton now retired to the Stud.

Although “The Druid” states, doubtless on good authority, that Sir John Shelley purchased Walton after his defeat by Aniseed (who, by the way, won a large amount for her previous owner, Mr. G. Crompton) in the Craven Stakes, in 1804, he ran throughout the whole of his racing career in the name of his breeder, Sir Hedworth Williamson.

*) In this opionion “The Druid” (Henry Hall Dixon) is surely somewhat singular.

† (Omitted.) S. mg. (at Lewes, August 3rd), for a Subscription Purse of 10 gs. each, ten subscribers, Walton was beaten, after a severe and punishing race, by Orville, four miles, 8st 12lbs each, both six years old; only these two ran. Walton did not run in 1806; but, in 1807, he ran once at Newmarket, in the Craven Stakes, when, carrying 9st 7lbs (A. F.), he ran second to the Prince of Wales' ch. c. Selim, by Buzzard, rising five years, 8st 9lbs, in a field of eleven high-class horses.

[Taunton, Thomas Henry: “Portraits Of Celebrated Racehorses Of The Past And Present Centuries”, 1887]