Truffle *) was a bay colt, bred by Colonel Udny in 1808, and was got by Sorcerer, out of Hornby Lass, by Buzzard, out of Puzzle, by Match'em, out of Princess, by Herod, out of Julia, by Blank, out of Spectator's dam, by Old Partner, out of Bonny Lass (bred by Sir W. Ramsden in 1723), by Bay Bolton, out of a mare by the Darley Arabian, her dam, by the Byerley Turk, out of a mare by the Taffolet Barb, her dam, by Mr. Place's White Turk, out of a Natural Barb Mare.

Truffle's Performances


At Newmarket (Second Spring), 8st 6lbs, match for 100 sovs., beat Sir J. Shelley's ch. f. Mock-Bird, by Popinjay (son of Buzzard), 8st 3lbs; 6 to 4 on Truffle. At Newmarket (Second October), colts 8st 7lbs, fillies 8st 4lbs, won a sweep of 700 gs., beating Sir F. Standish's bl. c. Wellington, by Trumpator, second, Sir C. Bunbury's b. c. Rival, by Whiskey, third, and the Duke of Grafton's b. f. Web, by Waxy, last. S. mg., 8st 4lbs each, match for 200 gs., A. F., was easily beaten by Sir J. Shelley's b. c. Phantom, on whom 5 to 2 was offered. At Newmarket (Ho.), 7st, two miles, won the Garden Stakes of 500 gs., beating the Duke of Grafton's b. h. Pope (winner of the Derby in 1809, and known at the Stud as Waxy-Pope), by Waxy, five years, 8st 6lbs, second, Lord Jersey's b. h. Langton, by Precipitate, aged, 8st 6lbs, third, Lord George Cavendish's ch. h. Middlethorpe, by Shuttle, five years, 8st 10lbs, last. S. mg., received 60 gs. (compromise) from Mr. Shakespeare's b. h. Tumbler, by Trumpator. S. mg., 8st 4½lbs, match for 200 gs., beat Lord George Cavendish's br. c. Merry-go-round, by Trumpator, three years, 8st; 6 to 4 on Truffle.


At Newmarket, Craven, 7st 9lbs, A. F., match for 100 gs., received 45 gs. (compromise) from Lord Jersey's b. c. Asmodeus, by Eagle, rising five years old, 8st 6lbs. At Newmarket (First Spring), for horses rising four years old, 8st 7lbs each, two miles, ran second in the Port Stakes, of 300 gs., won by Merry-go-round. S. mg., 8st, match for 500 gs., two miles, beat Lord George Cavendish's ch. h. Middlethorpe, by Shuttle, six years, 8st 7lbs. At Newmarket (Second Spring), 8st 2lbs, ran third in a handicap sweep of 200 gs. each, for four years old (A. F.), won by General Gower's b. c. Rainbow (winner, this year, of the Claret Stakes at Newmarket), by Walton, 7st 3lbs, beating the Duke of Rutland's b. f. Sorcery (winner, in 1811, of the July Stakes, the Oatlands, and 1050 gs. at Newmarket, and the Oaks at Epsom, and this year, the Oatlands and 1020 gs. at Newmarket, and the Cup at Epsom), by Sorcerer, 8st 3lbs, second; also Lord Foley's ch. c. Soothsayer, 8st 10lbs, and two others. Val. of stakes, 1000 gs. At Newmarket (Ho.), 8st 7lbs (A. F.), match for 1000 gs., h. ft., received 300 gs. (compromise) from Lord Foley's ch. c. Bodkin, by Trumpator, three years, 7st. S. mg., 8st 4lbs each, Ab. M. match for 300 gs., beat the Duke of Rutland's b. c. Grimalkin, by Chance (son of Lurcher); 5 to 4 on Truffle; also received 65 gs. from Lord Lowther's b. m. Dimity, by Trumpator.


At Newmarket, Craven, 8st 9lbs (R. M.), match for 300 gs., was beaten by Lord Foley's b. c. Benedict, by Remembrancer, rising four years, 7st 12lbs. At Newmarket (First Spring), 9st, two miles, won a handicap sweep of 550 gs., beating Mr. Astley's ch. c. Magic, 8st 2lbs, by Sorcerer, second, Grimalkin, 8st 13lbs, third, and two others; all rising five years old; 6 to 5 on Grimalkin, 7 to 2 against Magic, and 5 to 1 against Truffle. At Newmarket (Second Spring), 8st 10lbs (F. Buckle, who rode Truffle in all his races but two), D. M., won a sweep of 400 gs., beating Mr. Pigot's b. h. Mantidamum,‡ by Sir Solomon, six years, 8st 3lbs, Lord George Cavendish's br. h. Eccleston, by Cesario, six years, 8st 3lbs, third, and Mr. J. G. Lambton's b. h. Legerdemain, by Shuttle, five years, 8st 3lbs. At Newmarket (First October), 8st 8lbs, Ab. M., match for 300 gs., beat Eccleston, 7st 13lbs; 6 to 5 on Truffle. At Newmarket (Ho.), 8st 6lbs, Ab. M., match for 300 gs., beat Lord Foley's b. h. Offa's Dyke, by Paynator, six years, 7st 13lbs; 7 to 4 on Truffle. Truffle ran once more this year, without success.


At Newmarket (April), 9st 1lb, A. F., not placed in the Craven Stakes, won by Mr. Glover's ch. h. Slender Billy,† by Young Woodpecker, six years, 9st 1lb. At Newmarket (First Spring), 8st 7lbs (F. Buckle), match for 200 gs., R. M., beat the Duke of Rutland's b. m. Sorcery, 8st 5lbs; 5 to 4 on Truffle. At Newmarket (First October), 8st 7lbs each, match for 200 gs., Ab. M., received 100 gs. forfeit from Merry-go-round (now Mr. Shakespeare's). At Newmarket (Second October), 8st 4lbs each, Ab. M., match for 200 gs., p. p., received 70 gs. (compromise) from Merry-go-round. Truffle ran twice more, and was now withdrawn from the Turf.

*) The admirable portrait of Truffle was painted by Abraham Cooper, R. A.

‡) Winner, this year, of the Oatlands, of 725 gs., at Newmarket Craven, beating Octavius (last year's Derby winner), Slender Billy, and six others.

†) Winner, in 1812, of Gold Cups at Newton and Preston; and, at Doncaster, of the Gold Cup, the Fitzwilliam Stakes, and King's Plate, and of several other races, up to 1817.

The celebrated racing stallion, Truffle, which was some years since purchased from Colonel Udny by the French Government to improve their breed of horses, is on his return to England. The Duke de Guise has sold him to an English gentleman for 1000 gs. Truffle is the sire of Fungus, Abjer, Champignon, and other crack horses, and is now about twenty years old. (Sporting Magazine for October, 1827).

The eminent engraver of the admirable likeness of Truffle, Mr. John Scott, died on Christmas Eve, 1827, at a very advanced age. He also engraved the splendid portrait of Sorcerer, Truffle's sire, and many other equine celebrities to be found in these volumes.

[Taunton, Thomas Henry: “Portraits Of Celebrated Racehorses Of The Past And Present Centuries”, 1887]