Sligo (brother to Staveley), was a brown colt, bred by Mr. Fletcher in 1809, and was got by Shuttle, out of a mare by Drone (son of Herod), her dam, by Match'em, out of Jocasta, by Mr. Cornforth's Forester (son of Mr. J. Croft's Forester, by Hartley's Blind Stallion), out of Sister to Young Cade, by Cade, out of a mare by Mr. Croft's Old Partner, her dam, by Makeless, out of a mare by Brimmer, out of a dau. of Mr. Place's White Turk, *) her dam, by Dodsworth, † out of Mr. Layton's Violet Barb Mare, in Lord D'Arcy's Stud.

Sligo's Performances


At Catterick, for all ages, 6st 11lbs, heats two miles, for a handicap plate of 50 sovs., was beaten by the Duke of Leeds' b. f. Rebecca, by Sir Solomon, 7st 13lbs, both three years old. At Durham, 7st 2lbs, heats two miles, for a £70 purse, was beaten by Lord Strathmore's ch. c. by Remembrancer, three years, 7st, beating six others. At Newcastle, 6st 7lbs, heats 2½ miles, won £50, beating Mr. Lambton's b. c. Robin Adair, by Gohanna, three years, 6st 10lbs, and eight others. S. mg., heats 2½ miles, 6st 10lbs, won £50, beating Mr. Cawood's gr. h. Ganymede, by Delpini, five years, 8st 9lbs, Mr. Brandling's b. f. Salamanca, by Sir Solomon, three years, 6st 7lbs, and two others. At Carlisle, 7st 7lbs each, heats two miles, beat Lord Strathmore's ch. c. by Remembrancer. S. mg., 6st 4lbs, heats three miles, won a purse of 100 sovs., beating Mr. Hodgson's b. g. by Young Woodpecker, five years, 8st 6lbs. At Caledonian Hunt, 8st 5lbs each, heats two miles, won 50 gs., beating Lord Queensberry's br. c. Bettina, by Stamford, both three years old. S. mg., 6st each, heats four miles, again beat Bettina. S. mg., 6st, heats three miles, for 50 sovs., was beaten by Sir A. Don's ch. f. Agnes Sorrel, by Stamford, three years, 5st 11lbs.


At York, 8st 5lbs, two miles, won 160 gs., beating Lord Scarborough's b. c. Catton, by Golumpus, four years, 8st 5lbs, Mr. Robbs' b. c. Otterington (St. Leger winner in 1812), four years, 8st 5lbs, and four others. (Sligo was now sold to Mr. A. G. Leslie.) S. mg., 8st 5lbs, won 280 gs., again beating Catton, Otterington, and six others. At Newcastle, ran second for the Cup, won by X. Y. Z., beating Agnes Sorrel ‡ and two others. Sligo ran once more for the Cup at Lancaster, without success, and quitted the Turf.

*) Mr. Place was stud-groom to the Protector, Oliver Cromwell.

Dodsworth (though foaled in England), was a Natural Barb. His dam (a pure Barb Mare), was brought into England in the reign of Charles II., and was styled a Royal Mare. After the King's death, she was sold, when 20 years old and in foal with Vixen, by the Earl of Holderness' Turk, for the sum of forty guineas.

‡ Winner, this year, of the King's Plate at Carlisle.

[Taunton, Thomas Henry: “Portraits Of Celebrated Racehorses Of The Past And Present Centuries”, 1887]