Rubens (own brother to Castrel and Selim) was a ch. c. foaled in 1805, the property of H. R. H. the Prince of Wales. He was got by Buzzard (son of Woodpecker), out of a mare by Alexander, her dam, by Highflyer, out of a mare by Alfred, out of a daughter of Engineer, out of Bay Malton's dam, by Old Cade, out of Lass of the Mill, by Old Traveller, out of Miss Makeless, by Young Greyhound, her dam, by Old Partner, out of Miss Doe's dam, by Woodcock (son of Old Merlin, by Bustler), &c., &c.

Rubens was a heavy-topped, fleshy horse, standing quite sixteen hands high, and with a flash of speed like lightning. The Prince of Wales sold him to Lord Darlington for 1500 gs., his Lordship winning upwards of £12,000 with him. Rubens did not get a very large amount of stock in England; but Defence, by Whalebone, Ascot, by Reveller, Recovery, by Emilius, and Coronation, by Sir Hercules, were all out of his daughters. His best son was Peter Lely.

Rubens' Performances


At Epsom (now the Prince of Wales'), colts 8st 7lbs, fillies 8st 2lbs, ran fourth in the Derby of 1050 gs., won by Sir Hedworth Williamson's ch. c. Pan, by St. George (son of Highflyer), beating the Duke of Grafton's br. c. Vandyke, by Sir Peter, second, and Lord Grosvenor's bay colt Chester, by Sir Peter, third; also (not placed) Mr. Sitwell's br. c. Clinker, by Sir Peter, Lord Egremont's b. c. Scorpion, by Gohanna, and his b. f. Brighton Lass, by Gohanna, Lord Stawell's ch. c. No Conjuror, by Sorcerer, Mr. Ladbroke's b. c. Tristram, by Teddy the Grinder (son of Asparagus), and Colonel Mellish's b. c. Bradbury, by Delpini. At Brighton (now the property of Lord Darlington), for three years old, colts 9st, fillies 8st 9lbs, won the Pavilion Stakes of 950 gs., beating Vandyke, second, Scorpion, third, and Mr. Kellermann's ch. c. Zoroaster, by Sorcerer, last. S. mg., 8st 3lbs each, match for 200 gs., h. ft., received 100 gs. from General Gower's (late Colonel Mellish's) b. c. Bradbury. At Lewes, match for 200 gs., received 100 gs. forfeit from Mr. W. Fermor's b. c. by Gohanna. At Newmarket (second October), 6st 12lbs, match for 200 gs., received 100 gs. forfeit from Lord George Cavendish's b. h. Dreadnought, by Buzzard, aged, 6st 10lbs. At Newmarket (Ho.), 8st 7lbs each, match for 200 gs., received 100 gs. forfeit from Mr. Turner's ch. c. Jock, by Hyacinthus.


At Newmarket (First Spring), for horses rising four years old, 9st, won a sweep of 100 gs. each, h. ft., six subscribers, beating Chester, 8st 6lbs, second, Zoroaster, 8st 3lbs, third, No Conjuror, 7st 4lbs, fourth, and Mr. Craven's br. c. Beau Nash, by Trumpator, 7st 4lbs, last. At Newmarket (Second Spring), 8st 7lbs each, B. C., match for 200 gs., was beaten by Vandyke, on whom 5 to 4 was laid. At Newmarket (Ho.), 8st 7lbs, match for 200 gs., paid 100 gs. forfeit to the Duke of Grafton's ch. f. Morel (winner of the Oaks in 1808), by Sorcerer, 8st 5lbs. Morel was sold at Tattersall's, when twenty years old, for eight gs. Were there no green pastures at Euston for poor Morel?


At Newmarket, April 23rd, 8st 9lbs, A. F., won the Craven Stakes, beating Lord Grosvenor's b. f. Plover, by Sir Peter, 8st 9lbs, Mr. Douglas' b. c. by Dick Andrews, 8st, last. At Newmarket (Second Spring), 8st 12lbs, ran third in a sweep of 200 gs. each, h. ft., won by Lord Foley's b. c. Spaniard, by Young Drone, four years, 7st 10lbs, beating Mr. Batson's b. m. Cecilia, by Worthy (a son of Pot8o's), five years, 7st, and Lord Grosvenor's b. h. Eaton, by Sir Peter, six years, 9st 1lb, last. Rubens was now sold to General Gower, and joined his stud at Wokingham, Berks.

Rubens was the sire of Mr. Dundas' Original, of General Gower's Raphael, of Mr. Neville's Sir Joshua, of Mr. Goddard's Bobadil and Strephon, of Mr. Dundas' Chef d'Oeuvre and Orelio, of the Duke of York's Teniers, of Wouvermans, of Dr. Eady, of Vanloo, Moonraker, Peter Lely, Sovereign (sent to America), Holbein, Hampden, Oppidan, &c., &c. Of his daughters, there were Angelica (dam of Ascot), Whizgig (dam of Oxygen), Streamlet, Landscape (winner of the Oaks 1816), Defiance (dam of Defence, by Whalebone), of Device and Design, by Tramp, and of Delight, by Reveller, of Ruby (dam of Coronation), Charming Molly (dam of Mr. West's Shakespeare, by Smolensko), Aigrette, Venom, Canvas, Profile, Rosalind, Omphale, Veil, Pastille (winner of the 2000 Guineas and the Oaks in 1822, and dam of the Duke of Grafton's Oedipus, by Emilius, and of his Aegyptus, by Centaur, of his Aether, by St. Patrick – all bred by his Grace – and of his Esmeralda, by Zinganee), &c., &c.

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