(Mis-spelt “Pipeling” in the Engraving). *

Pipylin was a br. c. bred by S. Sitwell, Esq., in 1799. He was got by Sir Peter Teazle, out of Rally, by Trumpator, out of Fancy, by Florizel, out of Sister to Juno, by Spectator, out of Horatia, by Blank, her dam, by Childers, out of Miss Belvoir, by Grey Gantham. For remainder of pedigree, see Hyale.

Pipylin's Performances


At Newmarket, Craven, for colts rising three years, 8st 3lbs each, A. F., won a sweep of 100 gs. each, h.-ft., beating Sir H. Williamson's b. c. Walton, by Sir Peter; only these two ran. At Newmarket (Second Spring), for three years old, colts 8st 4lbs, fillies 8st, not placed for a purse of £50, won by Lord Clermont's bl. c. Midnight, by Whiskey, beating Lord Milsintown's b. c. Picnic, by Mr. Teazle (son of Sir Peter), second, b. c. Walton, and four others. At Ipswich, 7st 11lbs, heats two miles, for the King's Plate, was beaten by Sir C. Bunbury's br. f. Julia (the dam of Phantom), by Whiskey, three years, 7st 8lbs; three ran. At Nottingham, for three years old, colts 8st 2lbs, fillies 8st, heats two miles, won £65, beating the Hon. L. Savile's br. f. Moss Rose, by Sir Peter, and three others in both heats. At Doncaster, colts 8st 2lbs, fillies 8st, two miles, ran second in the Great St. Leger, won by Orville. S. mg., 6st, four miles, ran last for the Cup, won by Mr. Brandling's b. c. Alonzo, by Pegasus, beating Orville, second, Lord Middleton's gr. c. Blue Devil, by Beningbrough, third, Sir Solomon, ch. c. Muly-Moloch, by John Bull, and two others.


At Newmarket, Craven, 7st 6lbs, ran last in the Oatlands, won by Mr. Wardell's b. c. Harefoot, by Beningbrough, four years, 5st 7lbs, beating Lord Clermont's ch. c. Piscator, by Trumpator, four years, 6st 8lbs, second, Lord Egremont's br. c. Galloper, by Pot8o's, four years, 5st 9lbs, br. f. Julia (now Mr. Ladbroke's), four years, 7st 3lbs, fourth, Lignum Vitae, and one other. The Oatlands was always a handicap. S. mg., 8st 3lbs, R. M., match for 100 gs., beat Galloper, 7st 7lbs. S. mg., 8st 5lbs, ran second for £50, won by Lord Grosvenor's b. c. Squire Teazle, by Mr. Teazle, beating Julia, Piscator, and four others. At Newmarket (First Spring), 8st 5lbs, two miles, match for 200 gs., was beaten by Mr. C. Wilson's b. c. Young Eclipse, by Young Eclipse, 8st, both four years old. At Huntingdon, 7st 9lbs, for a £50 purse, was beaten by Eleanor, five years, 8st 8lbs. At Newmarket, paid 100 gs. forfeit to Harefoot. At Derby, 8st 5lbs, won £50, beating five others. At Doncaster, 9st, match for 100 gs., beat Colonel Mellish's b. c. Little Joey, by Coriander, three years, 7st 7lbs.


At Newmarket (First Spring), 8st, match for 100 gs., beat Mr. Howard's b. h. Chippenham, by Trumpator, aged, 8st 9lbs. At Newmarket (Second Spring), 7st, match for 100 gs., beat Lord Sackville's b. h. Whirligig, by Whiskey, six years, 7st 10 lbs. At Derby, 8st 3lbs, heats four miles, won £50, beating Lord Stamford's ch. h. Turn-toe, by Mr. Teazle, five years, 8st 3lbs, and three others. At Doncaster, 7st 9lbs, ran second in a free handicap of 50 gs. each, won by Orville, 8st 5lbs. S. mg., 9st, heats four miles, won £50, beating Sir T. Gascoigne's b. f. Theophania, by Delpini, four years, 8st, and Lord Scarborough's b. f. Rosebud, by Buzzard, four years, 7st 4lbs.


(Now the property of Colonel Mellish). At Newmarket (First Spring), 8st 3lbs, match for 100 gs., was beaten by Lord Sackville's ch. h. Enchanter, by Pot8o's, aged, 8st. Same day, 8st 3lbs each, for a £50 purse, was beaten by Walton, both rising six years. S. mg., 8st 7lbs, match for 100 gs., was beaten by Julia (same age), 7st 4lbs. At Newmarket (Second Spring), 8st 12lbs, match, ran a dead heat with Mr. Ladbroke's ch. c. Prospero, by Whiskey, four years, 8st 1lb. S. mg., 8st each, match for 100 gs., was again beaten by Enchanter. At Bibury, 12st each, three miles, match for 500 gs., beat Colonel Mellish's ch. g. Garry-Owen, by Huby, aged. S. mg., 11st 7lbs, won a handicap sweep of 60 gs., beating General Grosvenor's b. c. Skirmisher, by Buzzard, four years, 9st 7lbs, and two others. Ran once more, without success, and quitted the Turf.

*) This is not a very uncommon error on the part of engravers. The Duke of Grafton's ch. h. Antinous, by Blank, is spelt, in the Engraving, “Antonius.” In Mr. Herring's picture of Caravan, his dam, Wings, is described by the engraver as being by Emilius, instead of by The Flyer. There is no such horse as Antonius or Pipeling to be found either in the Racing Calendar, or in the Stud-Book. Mr. Clifton Tomson painted both Hyale and Pipylin for Mr. Sitwell.

[Taunton, Thomas Henry: “Portraits Of Celebrated Racehorses Of The Past And Present Centuries”, 1887]