Pericles was a very dark brown colt, with a tan muzzle, and was bred by Charles Tibbits, Esq., of Barton Seagrave Hall, near Kettering, in 1809. He was got by Evander (son of Delpini), out of a mare by Precipitate (son of Mercury), out of sister to Ospray, by Highflyer, out of a mare by Old Snap, her dam, by Lord Oxford's Bay Barb, out of a mare by Bartlett's Childers (son of the Darley Arabian). Evander was a grey horse, bred by William Garforth, Esq., of Wigginthorpe, in 1801, and got by Delpini, out of Caroline (bred by Mr. Garforth in 1793), by Phenomenon, out of Faith (bred by Mr. Garforth in 1779), by Pacolet (son of Blank), out of Atalanta, by Match'em, out of Lass-of-the-Mill, by Oroonoko (brother to Othello), out of sister to Clarke's Lass-of-the-Mill, by Old Traveller, &c. Evander was sent to Russia in 1813. “Pericles stood a trifle over sixteen hands high. His expressive head, set on to a finely-shaped and muscular neck, was full of quality. He had good sloping shoulders, well defined, strong arms, with good loins, and powerful quarters well let down. His feet were excellent, and his legs capable of standing any amount of work, and he was, withal, one of the gamest horses that ever looked through a bridle. The portrait of the Jockey is that of William Arnull.”

Pericles's Performances


At Northampton (Sept. 9th), w. o. for a sweepstakes of 100 gs. Same day, 6st 6lbs, three miles and a quarter, was not placed for the Gold Cup, won by the Duke of Grafton's b. h. Whalebone, by Waxy, five years, 8st 8lbs, beating Mr. Astley's ch. c. Magic (second to Phantom in the Derby), by Sorcerer, four years, 7st 12lbs; Mr. Andrew's br. h. Discount, by Teddy the Grinder (son of Asparagus, by Pot8o's), third, and the Duke of Rutland's bl. f. Thalestris, by Alexander. Next day, 6st 12lbs, won 60 gs., beating Thalestris, 6st 10lbs, both three years old.


At Newmarket, Craven (April 21st), 8st 9lbs (ridden by William Arnull), ran second in a sweep of 25 gs. each, won by Mr. S. Batson's ch. f. Pranks, by Hyperion (son of Highflyer); four ran. At Stamford, 7st 7lbs, four miles, won the Gold Cup, beating Mr. Wilson's b. c. Wisdom, by Sir Solomon, four years, 7st 7lbs, Mr. Sisson's b. m. Folly, by Young Drone, five years, 8st 7lbs, third, and one other. Next day (July 8th), won 60 gs. At Canterbury (August 24th), for all ages, two miles, eleven subscribers (ridden by J. Edwards), 8st 4lbs each, won a sweepstakes of 10 gs. each, beating Mr. Baldock's b. c. Expectation (winner of the preceding race of 20 gs. each, four miles), by Orville, four years, 7st 7lbs. S. mg. (next day), 10st 4lbs, four mile heats, won the King's Plate, again beating Expectation, 10st 4lbs, second, and Mr. Pengree's b. h. Mount Pleasant, by Gohanna, four years, 10st 4lbs, third and last, winning both heats. At Northampton, 7st 12lbs each, three miles and a quarter, ran fifth and last for the Gold Cup, won by General Grosvenor's ch. f. Defiance, by Gauntlet (son of John Bull), beating Lord Lowther's gr. c. Aquarius, by Quiz, second. Lord Lowther's br. c. Euryalus, by Trafalgar, third, and one other, all four years old.


At Newmarket, Craven, 8st 3lbs, T. Y. C. match for 100 gs., beat the Duke of Grafton's b. h. Anthonio, by Young Whiskey. Same day, 8st 2lbs, D. I. won the Oatlands (handicap) of 50 gs. each, ten subscribers, h. ft., beating H. R. H. the Duke of York's br. c. Pointers, by Giles, rising five years, 8st 7lbs, Mr. Ladbroke's b. c. Octavius (Derby winner in 1812), rising five years, 8st 7lbs, and four others. S. mg., won a purse of 50 sovs. At Newmarket (First Spring), 8st, A. F., match for 200 gs., beat Mr. Glover's ch. h. Slender Billy, by Young Woodpecker, rising six years old, 8st 7lbs. At Newmarket (Second Spring), 8st 12lbs, Ab. M. match for 200 gs., beat Mr. Villiers' bl. c. Don Cossack, by Haphazard, four years, 8st. At Newmarket (First October), 8st 4lbs each, A. F., match for 300 gs., h. ft., received 150 gs. (forfeit) from the Duke of Grafton's b. h. Woful, by Waxy. At Newmarket (Second October), 8st 10lbs, won the Garden Stakes of 600 gs., beating Don Cossack, 8st 3lbs, second, and one other. At Newmarket (Houghton), 8st 12lbs, Ab. M., won a sweep of 200 gs. each, p. p., beating Lord Foley's b. h. Offa's Dyke,*) by Paynator, 8st 5lbs, and Lord Jersey's b. h. Asmodeus, by Eagle (son of Volunteer), 8st, last.


At Newmarket, Craven, 8st 7lbs, two miles, match for 300 gs., beat Mr. Stonehewer's ch. h. Hamlet (winner of the Woodcote Stakes, at Epsom, in 1810), by Hambletonian, rising seven years old, 8st 4lbs. At Newmarket (First Spring), 8st 3lbs, last three miles of B. C., won a purse of 50 sovs., beating Lord Foley's br. h. Merryfield, by Cockfighter, rising seven years, 8st 7lbs. At Newmarket (Second Spring), 8st 9lbs, B. C., for the Jockey Club Plate, was beaten, after a dead heat, by Don Cossack, rising six years, 8st 3lbs. S. mg., Mr. Tibbits challenged for The Whip with Pericles, and, the challenge not being accepted, The Whip was handed over to Mr. Tibbits. Pericles was now taken out of training.

*) At Newmarket (First Spring), this year, at 8st 7lbs, Ab. M. (ridden by William Arnull), Offa's Dyke, in a match for 200 gs. each, beat Lord Sackville's b. f. Manuella (Oaks winner in 1812, then Mr. Hewett's), ridden by Frank Buckle, 7st 11lbs, and, at the same meeting, at 8st 10lbs. Ab. M. Match for 200 gs., Offa's Dyke beat Lord Darlington's b. c. Cwrw (winner, in 1812, of the 2000 Guineas), by Dick Andrews, rising five years, 8st 3lbs. Thus, in the course of his racing career, Pericles had vanquished a Derby, and a 2000 Guineas, winner.

[Taunton, Thomas Henry: “Portraits Of Celebrated Racehorses Of The Past And Present Centuries”, 1887]