Penelope was a bay filly, bred by the Duke of Grafton, in 1798. She was got by Trumpator, out of Prunella, by Highflyer, out of Promise, by Old Snap, out of Julia, by Blank, out of a mare by Old Partner, out of Bonny Lass, by Bay Bolton, her dam, by the Darley Arabian, out of a dau. of the Byerley Turk, out of a mare by the Taffolet Barb, her dam, by Mr. Place's White Turk, out of a Natural Barb Mare.

Image of Penelope (1798)

Penelope's Performances


At Newmarket (First Spring), 7st 11lbs (Frank Buckle), won 250 gs., beating Mr. R. Watt's br. c. Pacificator, by Trumpator, 8st 3lbs, and Lord Grosvenor's ch. f. by Buzzard, all rising three years old. At Newmarket (Second Spring), colts 8st 4lbs, fillies 8st, (F. Buckle), won £50, beating Mr. Bullock's b. c. Brother to Spear, by Javelin, Mr. R. Heathcote's b. c. Paulo, by Woodpecker, and eight others. At Ipswich, 7st 11lbs (F. Buckle), won the King's Plate, beating Mr. Golding's b. f. Lampedo, by Pot8o's and Sir C. Bunbury's br. f. Thais, by Trumpator, 7st 11lbs each. S. mg., colts 8st 4lbs, fillies 8st, won £50, beating Thais, second, and ch. c. Ostrich, by Seagull, last. At Newmarket (First October), colts 8st 7lbs, fillies 8st 3lbs, won £50, beating Sir Frank Standish's b. f. by Sir Peter, and four others. At Newmarket (Second October), 7st 4lbs (F. Buckle), won the Oatlands of 200 gs., beating the Hon. George Watson's b. c. Striver, by Delpini, three years, 6st 7lbs, Mr. Howorth's b. h. Chippenham, by Trumpator, five years, 8st 5lbs, Mr. Whaley's b. h. Vivaldi, by Woodpecker, five years, 8st 5lbs, and three others.


At Newmarket (Second Spring), received 20 gs. (compromise) and also won 45 gs. At Newmarket (First October), for four years old, 8st 3lbs (F. Buckle), ran second in a handicap of 100 gs. each, won by Mr. Ladbroke's ch. f. Marianne, by Mufti, 7st 5lbs (John Arnull), Mr. Watson's b. c. Gaoler, by Volunteer, 8st 3lbs (Clift), being third and last. S. mg., for four years old, colts 8st 7lbs, fillies 8st 4lbs, D. I., ran second in a subscription of £166 7s., won by Sir C. Bunbury's b. f. Eleanor, Sir F. Standish's br. f. Sister to Gouty, by Sir Peter, third and last. Penelope ran in two other races this year, without success.


At Newmarket, Craven, 8st 9lbs, A. F. (F. Buckle), in a match of 200 gs., beat Sir Frank Standish's b. c. Duxbury, by Sir Peter, three years, 8st (J. Arnull). At Newmarket, July, 8st 8lbs, D. I., ran second for a £50 purse, won by Lord Clermont's b. c. Rumbo, by Whiskey, three years, 6st 9lbs; four ran. At Newmarket (First October), 8st 6lbs, B. C., won 120 gs., beating Mr. Wilson's b. h. Surprise, by Buzzard, six years, 8st 13lbs, b. h. Lignum Vitae, six years, 8st 13lbs, third, and two others. At Newmarket (Second October), 8st 5lbs, B. C., won £190, beating Eleanor, 8st 5lbs, and Mr. Howorth's ch. h. Malta, by Buzzard, five years, 8st 5lbs, last. At Newmarket (Ho.), 8st 7lbs, B. C. (F. Buckle), match for 200 gs., beat Lord Sackville's b. h. Whirligig, by Whiskey, five years, 8st 1lb (Clift). She ran twice more, without success.


At Newmarket, Craven, 9st 1 lb, D. I., won the Oatlands of 275 gs., beating Chippenham, aged, 8st 5lbs, Mr. Forth's ch. h. Brighton, by Volunteer, six years, 8st 5lbs, third, and three others. At Newmarket (First Spring), received 60 gs. from Colonel Mellish's b. h. Eagle. S. mg., 10st each, B. C., won the King's Plate, beating Eleanor. S. mg., 9st, B. C., won £50, beating Mr. Dawson's ch. h. Quiz, by Buzzard, five years, 9st, and Lord Grosvenor's b. c. Montalto, by John Bull, three years, 7st. At Newmarket (Second Spring), 8st 9lbs, B. C., won the Jockey Club Plate, beating Lord Sackville's b. h. Dick Andrews, aged, 8st 11lbs. At Newmarket (First October), 8st each, A. F., match for 100 gs., was beaten by Mr. F. Neale's ch. c. Bobtail, by Precipitate, aged. S. mg., 8st 13lbs, B. C., ran second for a subscription of 120 gs., won by Mr. Norton's gr. c. Sir Harry Dimsdale, by Sir Peter, four years, 7st 7lbs, Eleanor, 8st 13lbs, being third. At Newmarket (Ho.), 8st 7lbs, B. C., match for 100 gs., beat Bobtail, 8st.


At Newmarket, Craven, 8st 7lbs, B. C., match for 200 gs., was beaten by Sir Hedworth Williamson's b. h. Walton, by Sir Peter, six years, 8st 6lbs. Penelope now quitted the Turf.

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