Miss Coiner

Miss Coiner was a bay filly, bred by Mr. Fenwick, of Bywell, Northumberland, in 1801, and was got by Don Quixote, out of a mare by Goldfinder, her dam, by Blank, out of Naylor, by Old Cade, out of Spectator's dam, by Old Partner, out of Bonny Lass (bred by Sir William Ramsden, Bart., in 1723), by Bay Bolton, her dam, by the Darley Arabian, out of a mare by the Byerley Turk, &c., &c.

Miss Coiner's Performances


At Guildford (May 23rd), heats two miles, won the Town Plate of 50 sovs. At Lewes, for a purse of 50 sovs., was beaten by the Prince of Wales' b. h. Rebel, by Trumpator, aged. At Egham, heats two miles, 7st 5lbs, won £50, and the same at Reading. Ran once more, without success.


At Newmarket (April 16th), 6st 8lbs, was not placed in the Oatlands (Handicap), of 425 gs., won by Mr. Kellermann's b. c. Alaric, by Petworth (son of Precipitate), beating Mr. Wardell's b. f. Houghton Lass (the dam of Comus, Caliban, and Calypso, all by Sorcerer), by Sir Peter Teazle, three years, 7st 11lbs, second, and five others. At Epsom, May 31st, 8st 5lbs, won the Town Plate of £50. At Ascot, 7st 5lbs, 2½ miles (June 18th), won a sweep of 145 gs., beating Mr. Abbey's (late Lord Grosvenor's), ch. m. Margery (sister to Meteora and Musidora), by John Bull, six years, 8st 6lbs, second, and three others. Next day, 7st 4lbs, heats three miles, won £50, beating b. c. Triptolemus, by Pot8o's, 7st 4lbs, in both heats. At Stockbridge (July 3rd), heats two miles, won £50; and at Winchester (July 17th), 8st 11lbs, heats two miles, won £50, distancing Triptolemus in the first heat, 8st 8lbs. At Blandford (July 23rd), won £50, and the same on the following day. At Oxford (August 6th), 7st 7lbs, four miles, won the Gold Cup of 150 gs., beating Mr. Kellermann's ch. m. Mary, by Precipitate, five years, 8st 7lbs, second, b. c. Alaric (also Mr. Kellermann's), four years, 7st 7lbs (who was lamed in running and never started again). At Reading (August 27th), 7st 8lbs, four miles, ran second for the Gold Cup (val. 80 gs., with a sweep of 150 gs.), won by Mr. F. Neale's ch. h. Quiz, by Buzzard, aged, 9st, beating Mr. Abbey's ch. m. Margery, six years, 8st 12lbs, last. At Egham, 7st 8lbs, four miles, ran second for the Gold Cup (val. 210 gs.), won by Sir C. Bunbury's b. m. Eleanor, aged, 8st 12lbs, beating Mr. Ladbroke's ch. c. Prospero, by Whiskey, four years, 7st 10lbs, third, and Houghton Lass, 7st 8lbs, last. Quiz, though entered for this Cup, bolted, and did not return to the scales. She ran twice more this year, without success.


At Newmarket, Craven, 8st 4lbs, D. I., ran second in the Oatlands (Handicap) of 50 gs. each, h. ft., eight subscribers, won by Quiz, aged, 9st 4lbs, beating the Duke of York's br. h. Giles, by Trumpator, aged, 8st 10lbs, third, and two others, and was now sold to Mr. Butler. At Ludlow (July 10th), 8st 1lb, won 80 gs., beating Lord Wilton's b. c. Bucephalus, by Alexander, four years, 7st 11lbs. At Worcester (August 12th), 7st 13lbs, heats two miles, won 80 gs.; on the 13th won 50 sovs., and on the 14th, 8st, heats four miles, won 50 sovs. At Warwick, 8st 4lbs, heats two miles, won £50. At Leicester, 9st 6lbs, heats two miles, won £50. At Walsall, 8st 6lbs, heats three miles, won £50. Ran twice more, without success.


At Ascot (June 12th), 8st 7lbs, three miles, won a sweep of 180 gs., beating the Duke of Grafton's b. f. Dodona, by Waxy, five years, 8st 1lb, second, and two others. S. mg., 9st 1lb, ran third for the Gold Cup, won by Mr. Durand's ch. c. Master Jackey (the first winner of the Ascot Cup), by Johnny (son of King Fergus), three years, 6st 12lbs, beating Mr. Fermor's b. c. Hawk, by Buzzard, three years, 6st 12lbs, second, and Mr. Ladbroke's br. c. Sir Peregrine, by Sir Peter, four years, 8st 2lbs, last. At Winchester, 8st 10lbs, four miles, for the Gold Cup, was beaten by Mr. Fermor's ch. h. Cerberus, by Gohanna, five years, 8st 6lbs, only these two ran. At Hereford (August 20th), won 70 gs. At Leicester 8st 10lbs, four miles, won the Gold Cup of 150 gs., beating Mr. A. Smith's b. m. Hebe, by Overton (son of King Fergus), six years, 8st 10lbs, after a dead heat. Next day (September 17th), 9st, four miles, ran second in a sweep of 110 gs., won by Mr. Goulburn's gr. h. Grimaldi, by Delpini, five years, 8st 12lbs, beating Major Wilson's b. h. Brother to Vivaldi, by Woodpecker, aged, 9st 2lbs, third, and one other. Miss Coiner ran twice more this year, without success.


At Winchester (July 21st), 8st 12lbs, four miles, ran third for the Gold Cup, won by Mr. Goddard's b. h. Mountaineer, by Magic (son of Sorcerer), six years, 8st 12lbs, beating Mr. Dilly's br. h. Gnatho, by Sir Peter, five years, 8st 6lbs, second, and one other. At Oxford, 8st 7lbs, heats four miles, won the Town Plate. At Warwick, 9st 3lbs, heats four miles, won £50, and next day, 8st 10lbs, for a Subscription Purse of 50 gs., was beaten by Sir T. Stanley's b. h. Viper, by Serpent, four years, 7st 8lbs; three ran. At Leicester (September 15th), 9st, four miles, ran third in a sweep of 140 gs., won by gr. h. Grimaldi, by Delpini, six years, 9st; she ran once more, without success, and quitted the Turf, dying shortly afterwards, when scarcely eight years old.

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