Mandane was a ch. f., bred by Thos. Panton, Esq., of Newmarket, in 1800. She was own sister to Enchanter, and was got by Pot8o's, out of Young Camilla (bred by the Earl of Egremont in 1787), by Woodpecker, out of Camilla (bred by his Lordship in 1778), by Trentham, out of Coquette, by the Compton Bay Barb, out of own Sister to Regulus, by the Godolphin Arabian, out of Grey Robinson, by the Bald Galloway, out of Sister to Old Country Wench, by Snake, out of Grey Wilkes, by Mr. Wilke's Old Hautboy, out of a mare by the Hon. Miss D'Arcy's Pet, out of one of Lord D'Arcy's Royal Mares, in the Stud at Sedbury. Mandane, when in training, was but an indifferent racer, having won only once, at Brighton, in 1803, when she beat Lord Egremont's ch. f. Lampedosa (the dam of Mr. Houldsworth's Sherwood, second to Barefoot in the St. Leger of 1823), in a match for 50 gs. Mandane stood just 15 hands high.

Mandane's Performances


At Newmarket (July), for two years old, colts 8st 2lbs, fillies 8st, ran fifth in a sweep of 350 gs., won by the Duke of Grafton's b. f. Duckling, by Grouse (son of Highflyer), beating Lord Stawell's b. f. Elizabeth, by Waxy, second, Mr. Ladbroke's b. f. Rosetta, by Young Woodpecker, third, Sir C. Bunbury's b. f. Pamela, by Whiskey, fourth, and Lord Grosvenor's ch. f. Nettle, by John Bull, last. At Newmarket (Second October), 8st 1lb each, match for 100 gs., half forfeit, received 25 gs. compromise from Mr. F. Neale's b. c. Reptile, by Precipitate (son of Mercury), both two years old.


At Newmarket, Craven, 8st 2lbs, was third and last in a sweep of 100 gs. each, won by Pamela, 8st 2lbs, the Duke of Grafton's ch. c. Jack-in-the-Green, by Buzzard, 8st 6lbs, being second. At Brighton, colts 8st 4lbs, fillies 8st, was last in a sweep of 90 gs., won by Lord Stawell's b. f. Elizabeth, beating the Prince of Wales' gr. f. by Precipitate, second, and four others. S. mg., 8st 7lbs, match for 50 gs., beat Lord Egremont's ch. f. Lampedosa, by Precipitate, two years old, 8st. Same day, 6st 6lbs, match for 50 gs., was beaten by Lord Egremont's ch. f. Trinidada, by Young Woodpecker, four years old, 10st, and was now taken out of training and sold to Richard Watt, Esq., of Bishop Burton, who might well have been proud of his stock from this famous mare, who had wasted to a perfect skeleton when this portrait of her was taken by Mr. Herring not long before she died, which was in 1826.

Mandane produced the following blood stock at the Stud, namely, in 1804, Mr. Panton's b. f. Scratch, by Whiskey, sold to Mr. Hunter, and sent to Ireland. In 1805, Mr. Panton's b. c. Ernest, by Buzzard, who died in the spring of 1809. In 1807, Sir Charles Turner's b. c. Flip, by Whiskey, of whom no record exists, probably died young. In 1808, Mr. Watt's ch. f., by Trumpator, who died when a foal. In 1809, Mr. Hewett's b. f. Manuella (winner of the Oaks in 1812), by Dick Andrews, and dam of Memnon. In 1810, Mr. Watt's ch. f. Altisidora (winner of the St. Leger in 1813, and dam of Abron), by Dick Andrews. In 1811, Mr. Watt's b. f. Petuaria, by Orville, sold to Lord Cremorne for 3000 gs., and sent to Ireland. In 1813, Mr. Watt's b. c. Captain Candid, by Cerberus (second in the Great St. Leger in 1816). In 1816, Mr. Watt's ch. c. Procurante, by Langton (winner of the Sapling Stakes at York, in 1819). In 1819, Mr. Watt's b. f. Muta (winner of the Sapling and Produce Stakes at York, in 1822), by Tramp. In 1820, Mr. Watt's famous b. c. Tinker (afterwards named Lottery), by Tramp, who was sold to Mr. Whittaker, of Dowthorpe Hall, Holderness, in 1824, for 450 gs. In 1821, Mr. Watt's b. c. Brutandorf (sold to Mr. John Clifton), by Blacklock. In 1822, Mr. Watt's b. f., by Whisker. In 1812 she was barren to Orville, in 1814 to Cerberus, in 1815 to Dick Andrew, in 1817 cast her foal, in 1818, 23, and 24, barren to Tramp, and was last covered by Minos.

[Taunton, Thomas Henry: “Portraits Of Celebrated Racehorses Of The Past And Present Centuries”, 1887]