Hyale was a ch. f. bred by Mr. Sitwell in 1797. She was got by Phoenomenon, out of Rally, by Trumpator, out of Fancy (sister to Diomed), by Florizel, out of Sister to Juno, by Spectator, out of Horatia, by Blank, out of a mare by Flying Childers, out of Miss Belvoir, by Gray Grantham (son of the Brownlow Turk), her dam, by the Paget Turk, out of Betty Percival, by the Leedes Arabian, out of a dau. of Spanker (son of Lord D'Arcy's Yellow Turk).

Image of Hyale (1797)

Hyale's Performances


At York (Spring), 8st each, match for 200 gs., beat Sir H. T. Vane's b. f. by Walnut, who died in September following.


At York (Spring), 8st each, two miles, match for 100 gs., beat Sir H. Williamson's b. f. by Ruler. S. mg., for three years old, colts 8st, fillies 7st 12lbs, ran second in a sweep of 20gs. each, won by Lord Darlington's b. c. Agonistes, by Sir Peter, beating Mr. G. Crompton's ch. c. No-spice (afterwards named Cinnamon), by Coriander, third, Lord Fitzwilliam's b. f. Lapwing, by Overton, fourth, and three others. At Nottingham, 5st 11lbs, two miles, won the Gold Cup, beating Lord Stamford's b. c. Alfred, by John Bull, four years, 7st 7lbs, Mr. Smith Barry's b. c. Improver, by Trumpator, four years, 7st 7lbs, and one other. At Lichfield, 6st 11lbs, two miles, not placed in a sweep of 260 gs., won by Mr. L. Brooke's gr. c. Baron Nile, by Delpini (son of Highflyer), beating Mr. Lockley's b. c. Robin Read-breast, by Sir Peter, both four years old, 8st 2lbs, Mr. Rooke's b. c. Dick Andrews, by Joe Andrews (son of Eclipse), three years, 7st, third, and seven others. S. mg., 8st 1lb, one mile, match for 100 gs., h. ft., received 40 gs. (compromise) from Mr. Cox's b. c. Edwin, by Fortunio.


At York (Spring), 8st 2lbs each, two miles, match for 500 gs., beat Mr. G. Crompton's b. f. Aniseed, by Coriander, both four years old. At Stamford, 7st 3lbs, four miles, won the Gold Cup, beating the Hon. Geo. Watson's ch. h. Canterbury, by Pot8o's, five years, 8st 7lbs, Mr. Robt. Heathcote's ch. f. Georgiana (sister to Muly-Moloch), by John Bull, four years, 7st 3lbs, and one other. At Nottingham, 7st 4lbs, two miles, Hyale broke down badly in running for the Gold Cup, won by Mr. Johnson's b. h. Sir Solomon, by Sir Peter, five years, 8st 7lbs, beating ch. c. Cinnamon, four years, 7st 7lbs, second, and Mr. Hewett's ch. c. Clayton, by Overton, three years, 6st, fourth and last. Hyale ran gamely on, securing the third place. She now joined Mr. Sitwell's Stud, and was the dam of Mr. Thornhill's famous horse, Anticipation, by Hambletonian.

[Taunton, Thomas Henry: Portraits Of Celebrated Racehorses Of The Past And Present Centuries, 1887]