Harefoot was a bay colt, foaled in 1799, bred by, and the property of, J. Wardell, Esq. He was got by Beningbrough, out of a mare by Drone (son of Herod), her dam, by Match'em, out of Jocasta, by Mr. Cornforth's Forester, out of Milksop, by Old Cade, out of Miss Partner, by Old Partner, out of Brown Farewell, by Makeless, her dam, by Brimmer, out of a mare by Mr. Place's White Turk, &c., &c., &c.

Image of Harefoot (1799)

Harefoot's Performances


At Newmarket (Second October), 7st 10lbs, A. F., ran fourth and last for a Purse of £50, won by Sir C. Bunbury's b. f. Eleanor, four years, 8st 10lbs, the Prince of Wales' b. c. Shock, by Waxy, three years, 7st 10lbs, second. At Newmarket (Ho.), won 125 gs., and ran twice more, without success.


At Newmarket, Craven, 5st 7lbs, D. I., won the Oatlands of 375 gs., beating Lord Clermont's ch. c. Piscator, by Trumpator, four years, 6st 8lbs, the Hon. C. Wyndham's br. c. Galloper, by Pot8o's, four years, 5st 9lbs, br. f. Julia (dam of Phantom), Pipylin, and two others. At Newmarket (Second Spring), received 50 gs. (forfeit) from Pipylin. At Newmarket (Second October), 7st 7lbs, match for 200 gs., beat Mr. Forth's ch. h. Brighton, by Volunteer, six years, 8st 7lbs, and was now sold to A. Branthwayt, Esq., having ran three times more, this year, without success.


At Newmarket (First Spring), 9st, B. C., match for 500 gs., beat the Hon. J. Coventry's ch. c. Lismahago, by Acacia (son of Turf), five years, 9st 3lbs. S. mg., 7st 11lbs, in a handicap sweep of 100 gs. each, was beaten by Sir F. Standish's b. h. Duxbury, by Sir Peter, 8st 3lbs, and was now sold to H. Howorth, Esq. At Bibury, 10st 10lbs, four miles, won a sweep of 610 gs., beating Clodhopper, by Precipitate, Cheshire Cheese, by Sir Peter, and four others; also received 50 gs. forfeit, at Newmarket, July. At Newmarket (Ho.), 7st 13lbs, three miles, match for 200 gs., beat Mr. C. Wyndham's br. h. Young Eclipse, by Young Eclipse (Derby Winner in 1781), five years, 8st 7lbs. Harefoot ran three times more, this year, without success.


At Brighton, 8st 12lbs, for a Gold Cup, was beaten by the Prince of Wales' br. h. Orville, six years, 8st 12lbs; four ran. At Canterbury 12st, heats four miles, for the King's Plate, was beaten by Mr. Ladbroke's br. c. Bustard, by Buzzard, four years, 10st 4lbs. S. mg., 9st, heats four miles, won £50, beating three others. He ran four times more, this year, without success, and retired to the Stud. Harefoot is the hindmost of the two horses represented in the Print. Moll Tomson, a brown mare, by Sir Peter, never raced, having died in the autumn of 1802.

[Taunton, Thomas Henry: “Portraits Of Celebrated Racehorses Of The Past And Present Centuries”, 1887]