Cinnamon (first named All-spice, afterwards No-spice, and then Cinnamon) was a ch. c. bred by Gilbert Crompton, Esq., in 1797. He was got by Coriander, out of Miss West, by Match'em, out of a mare by Regulus, out of a dau. of Mr. Panton's Old Crab, her dam, by Flying Childers, out of a mare by Basto.

Image of Cinnamon (1797)

Cinnamon's Performances


At York, August, for two years old, colts 8st, fillies 7st 12lbs, ran fourth and last in a sweep of 80 gs., won by Mr. T. Robinson's b. f. Belle Fille, by Weasel, beating Mr. F. Dawson's ch. c. Jack-a-Lantern, by Meteor, and two others. At Malton, colts 8st, fillies 7st 12lbs, ran fourth in a sweep of 100 gs., won by Belle Fille, beating two others.


(Now named No-spice.) At Catterick Bridge, for colts rising three years old, 8st each, not placed in a sweep of 100 gs., won by Captain Lidderdale's br. c. John o' Groat, by Overton, beating Sir Wm. Gerard's bl. c. Collier, by Comet, and six others. At York (Spring), for three years old, colts 8st, fillies 7st 12lbs, ran third in a sweep of 140 gs., won by Lord Darlington's b. c. Agonistes, by Sir Peter, beating ch. f. Hyale, by Phoenomenon. Lord Fitzwilliam's b. f. Lapwing, by Overton, and three others. At Beverley, colts 8st 2lbs, fillies 8st, heats two miles, won £50, beating Mr. Cartwright's b. c. Commodore, by Admiral (son of Florizel), and five others. Four heats were run, No-spice winning the last two. At Knutsford, 7st 6lbs, heats three miles, in a sweep of 60 gs., was beaten by Mr. Brooke's gr. c. Baron Nile, by Delpini, four years, 8st 8lbs; four ran. At Nottingham, colts 8st 2lbs, fillies 8st, won the Members' Plate of £50, beating Major Rooke's b. c. Dick Andrews (sire of Tramp, &c.), and Mr. Corbet's b. f. Lure, by Young Eclipse.


(Now sold to the Hon. R. Lumley Savile, and named Cinnamon.) At Catterick Bridge, 8st each, three miles, ran fourth in a sweep of 90 gs., won by Lord Darlington's b. c. Haphazard, by Sir Peter, beating Lord Stamford's ch. c. Chanter, by Pipator, second, and four others. At Newcastle, for four years old, colts 8st 3lbs, fillies 8st, four miles, ran second in a sweep of 120 gs., won by Agonistes, *) beating two others. At Notthingham, 10st 4lbs each, heats four miles, won the King's Purse, beating Mr. Bettison's br. c. Beelzebub, by Rockingham, in both heats. S. mg., 7st 7lbs, two miles, ran second for the Cup, won by Sir Solomon, Hyale (who broke down) being third; four ran. At Lichfield, 8st 2lbs, two miles, won 310 gs., beating b. c. Dick Andrews (now Lord Sackville's), four years, 8st 2lbs, second, Mr. Tharpe's b. h. Chippenham, by Trumpator, five years, 9st, third, Baron Nile (who broke down), and five others. S. mg., 7st 10lbs, heats four miles, for a £50 purse, was beaten by Dick Andrews, 7st 7lbs, both four years old. At Doncaster, 8st 7lbs each, heats two miles, for a purse of 100 gs., was beaten by Haphazard; five ran; all four years old. At Malton, 7st 10lbs, ran third and last in a sweep of 120 gs., won by Agonistes, 7st 10lbs, Mr. Peirse's b. h. Gamenut, by Walnut, six years, 8st 10lbs, second. S. mg., 9st 1lb, heats three miles, for a handicap plate of £50, was beaten by Mr. Cornforth's b. c. Wrestler, by Antaeus.


At Chester, 8st 10lbs, four miles, won the Earl of Chester's Plate of 100 gs., beating Mr. Bullington's gr. h. Nautilus, by Citizen, five years, 8st 10lbs, Mr. Smith's gr. h. Dapple, by Citizen, six years, 9st, third, and three others. At York, 7st 9lbs, ran fourth in a handicap sweep of 250 gs., won by Haphazard, 8st 2lbs, beating Chance, 8st 5lbs, and Cockfighter, six years, 8st 9lbs; six ran. S. mg., won £50; but for the Ladies' Plate, 8st 5lbs, was beaten by Sir T. Gascoigne's ch. c. Lennox, by Delpini, four years, 7st 9lbs.


At Nottingham, 12st, heats four miles, for the King's Plate, was beaten by gr. h. Dapple, aged, 12st 2lbs, in three heats. At York, August, 8st 10lbs each, four miles, for the Great Subscription Purse, ran third to br. h. Haphazard, Mr. Garforth's gr. m. Marcia, by Coriander, second; all six years old. Cinnamon ran once more, at Doncaster, without success, and quitted the Turf.

*) Sir Solomon, Haphazard, and Agonistes, all sons of Sir Peter, were the best four-milers of their day.

[Taunton, Thomas Henry: “Portraits Of Celebrated Racehorses Of The Past And Present Centuries”, 1887]