Brother to Vivaldi

Brother to Vivaldi was a bay colt, bred by the Marquis of Donegal in 1799, and sold, in 1802, to Major Wilson, for 300 gs., from whom, at Newmarket July meeting in 1804, he was purchased by the Prince of Wales. He was got by Woodpecker, out of a mare by Mercury, out of Cytherea, by Herod, out of Lily, by Blank, out of Peggy, by Old Cade, out of Spinster, by Old Partner, out of Bay Bloody Buttocks, by Bloody Buttocks, out of a mare (bred by Mr. J. Crofts in 1722) by Old Greyhound, &c. &c.

Image of Brother to Vivaldi (1799)

Brother to Vivaldi's Performances


At Newmarket (First Spring), now Lord Donegal's, 8st, match for 100 gs., paid 50 gs. (forfeit) to b. c. Folly, by Ruler, four years, 8st 8lbs.


At Newmarket (First Spring), 8st 3lbs, A. F., paid 100 gs. forfeit to Sir C. Bunbury's br. c. Orlando, by Whiskey, and was now sold to Major Wilson.


At Stamford, 7st 2lbs, heats two miles, for a purse of 50 sovs., was beaten by the Hon. G. Watson's ch. h. Trombone, by Trumpeter (son of Trumpator), five years, 8st 3lbs. Was again beaten twice this year, by Orlando, one of the best horses of his day, both being four years old.


At Newmarket, July, 9st 1lb, A. F., ran second in a sweep of 90 gs., won by Mr. F. Dawson's b. c. Hippocampus, by Coriander, three years, 8st 5lbs, beating Lord Grosvenor's br. c. Bagatelle, by Sir Peter, three years, 7st 12lbs, and Mr. Howard's b. f. Deborah, by Waxy, four years, 8st 3lbs, General Grosvenor's b. f. Two Shoes, by Asparagus (son of Pot8o's), three years, 7st 1lb, and two others; and was now sold to the Prince of Wales.


At Bibury, 11st 9lbs, three miles, ran second in a sweep of 170 gs., won by Mr. Howorth's ch. h. Wheatear, by Young Woodpecker, five years, 11st 5lbs. S. mg., 11st 10lbs, won 70 gs., beating Young Eclipse, by Young Eclipse (Winner of the Derby in 1786), six years, 11st, and three others. At Brighton, 8st 7lbs, heats two miles, for a purse of 50 sovs., was beaten by Mr. Ladbroke's br. c. Bustard, by Buzzard, four years, 8st 2lbs; five ran. At Lewes, 8st 3lbs, 2½ miles, ran third in a sweep of 150 gs., won by Mr. Wardell's b. f. Gratitude, by Shuttle, four years, 6st 8lbs, beating Lord Darlington's ch. c. Zodiac, by St. George, four years, 8st 10lbs, second. He ran twice more, without success, and was repurchased by Major Wilson.


At Ascot, 9st, won 155 gs., beating Mr. Forth's br. c. Agincourt, by John Bull, five years, 8st 5lbs, and two others. S. mg., 8st 10lbs each, was beaten by ch. h. Quiz. At Ipswich, 9st 6lbs, heats two miles, won £50. At Derby, for a purse of £50, was beaten by Mr. Sitwell's br. c. Taurus, by Sir Peter, three years, 6st. At Northampton, 9st 3lbs, heats four miles, won £50, beating ch. h. Enchanter, by Pot8o's, aged, 9st 5lbs, and two others. Ran five times more this year, without success.


At Stamford, 9st 2lbs, heats four miles, won £50, beating Mr. Cave Browne's b. c. Wildair, by Young Woodpecker, three years, 6st 6lbs, and one other. At Huntingdon, 9st 4lbs, for 50 sovs., was beaten by Sir C. Bunbury's b. m. Lydia (sister to Eleanor), by Whiskey, five years, 8st 8lbs. At Leicester, 9st 3lbs, won £50, beating Lord Derby's br. f. Magnet, by Sir Peter, three years, 5st 10lbs, and three others. He ran three times more this year, and once in 1808, without success, and retired to the Stud. Brother to Vivaldi's forte was stamina and not speed. He was a good weight-carrier, and got several excellent hunters.

[Taunton, Thomas Henry: “Portraits Of Celebrated Racehorses Of The Past And Present Centuries”, 1887]